I am really bad at blogging


So much good stuff has happened since I last updated this thing. Let’s see, I released a limited seven inch vinyl on Flannelgraph Records/Third Uncle Records! Side A was the song Shining Angel of My Dreams (which was on my album “Friday Night”) and a cover of the Ramones song “Oh, oh, I love her so”. I think Third Uncle still has 4 copies left. There were only 25 hand-pressed. So if want one,go grab it. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

I now have two tshirts for purchase. You can get them here.

Last November, I released my newest album “Are Bruises Warm?” On cassette, digital, and CD. UK blog Wake the Deaf wrote a glowing review of the record, then added it to their favorite songs of 2015 list. There’s a ton of other bands on there too, so give it a listen! Those folks at Wake the Deaf are so nice. Super thankful for their words and belief in my simple tunes.

On the same day that I released Bruises, I sat out for my first national tour, and it was awesome!!! I met so many genuine,  kind, and helpful humans along the way! One of the best times of my life. My girlfriend Ashley kept me awake and sold merch, and we had a blast. This Fall I will be setting out to top the last tour. My plan is to play 31 shows. I can’t wait! Ashley will be playing keyboard with me this time! Once they all get booked, I will release the info. The first show will be here in Seattle on October 28th. I’ll be playing at Conor Byrne pub with The Crying Shame and Jake Hemming and the Bereaved. Invite your friends!  I’m super stoked.

For now, that’s all I can think of. Keep an eye out for tour dates. See you around.





Howdy ho, neighbors! In three days I will be getting on a plane to fly back to Indiana to visit family, then on to Louisville, Kentucky, my favorite place on Earth! I can’t wait to see everybody and go to some sweet shows!

In band-related news, our song “Weak” not only saw some airtime at the beloved KEXP here in Seattle, but they were kind enough to add it to their Music That Matters podcast, right alongside the likes of local musical heroes, Smokey Brights! Smokey Brights is led by Ryan Devlin, a sweet dude who is not only the frontman for Smokey Brites, but also plays bass in Hounds of the Wild Hunt, and has also booked many a show for us at Columbia City Theater here in Seattle. That same podcast had And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and Panda Bear!!! That’s pretty humbling! KEXP also gave “Shining Angel…” a spin as well on their Audioasis program!

It took a lot of hard work and time, but we released a music video for Weak a couple weeks ago, and I am really excited for the way it came out! Check it out.

It’s Been A While…


Hello friends. It’s been a couple months since I updated this here thing. So, let’s see, a lot has happened. Back on June 1st, the new album “Friday Night” was released. If you wanna check it out, you can head over to the bandcamp page. From there, you can either download it or order a physical copy of the CD, and I will mail it out to you. It took awhile for the album to finally be released, but I am excited to finally get it out there and heard. So many amazing, talented folks worked hard on this record, and it shows. Out of all the music I have put out, so far, this is the one I am most excited about. It’s got everything from garage rock, to surf rock, to shoegazer. Brooks Ritter not only played guitar and sang back up on the album, but he recorded and mixed it, at the 930 in Louisville, KY. Brooks is a good friend and has been in the Parade Schedule since it’s inception. It was so much fun recording with him. We would just sit in the room and layer guitars and mess with feedback. A lot of the songs had some sort of structure already in place before the recording process, some, did not, and we just ran with it and had fun. “Shining Angel of My Dreams” is a prime example. It was originally just an acoustic song, and now, it is a surfy, doo woppy, mass of distortion, oooooos, and handclaps. Other songs were slightly tweaked and pushed to see where they could go. Our buddy Jon Moore did a great job co-mixing, and mastering the record. If you haven’t heard the record yet, head over to the bandcamp page and give it a listen.

At the beginning of July, we got to play a show here in Seattle with Dust from 1000 Years and Bad History Month. It was great. I met the dudes from Dust way back in the day, when I lived in Louisville, KY and have played lots of shows with them. Not only are they talented musicians, but genuine, good people from Bloomington, Indiana. Bad History Month makes mind blowingly good, mathy, music.

The good folks at the City Arts magazine here in Seattle, had some kind words to say about “Shining Angel…”. They added it to their list of “Attractive Singles”. It was an honor to be mentioned with some really good bands.  We also just got some radio play this evening on ArtxFM Radio. My buddy, Brian Manley runs the Club El Rancho program and plays punk, noise, metal, folk, and anything else he wants to. This happened to include the Parade Schedule this time. “Friday Night” was deemed the album of the week!

I think that’s it for now. When I’ve got some new news, I will post it. See you around.


House Show Tonight(3/28) and Some Good Press


House show tonight(3/28) and some good press

My time in the great Louisville, Kentucky has came and went way, way too fast. Before I get on the jet plane that will take me back to Seattle, I will be playing some tunes once more. Tonight at my buddy Cole’s house (2039 South Shelby Street), the jamz will commence. It will be a quiet, intimate, acoustic show to say goodbye until next time. The show will start at 7, but if you want to come hang out at 6:30, be my guest. We will have coffee! Two good buddies of mine will be playing as well. Tim Williams will open the show with his own brand of folky tunes. I hear he is gonna have cello and another guitar backing him! Sweeeeeeet. Following Tim, we’ll have David Scott. I met the wonderfully Irish David Scott a while back when he approached me at the Good Folk Fest. Apparently, I was a jerk and didn’t seem friendly, but that didn’t stop him from saying hello again at U of L Hospital, where we both worked. I’m glad he did, and you will be too. The show is free, but if you want to donate some cash, we won’t argue with you. I will also have a couple copies of “Seeds to Be Planted, Trees to Be Cut” with me, in case you don’t own it already.

In other news, a couple weeks ago, Never Nervous, a music blog, interviewed me and were kind enough to post it to the interwebs. You can click here to read it if you feel so inclined. I met the man behind Never Nervous, Phillip Olympia, a few years back. His band The Olympia Three and I did a split CD that came out on Olympia’s label, Dunkenstein Records. We did three tracks each. Jenn Sanders, who is singing with me tonight at the show, sang harmonies on the Parade Schedule tracks. You can go and download it for free now, right here!

The Latest…


For some reason, I am still awake, so I will update you fine folks on what has been going on as of recent with the Parade Schedule. All of February, I was visiting friends and family in Indiana, and while there, thought “hey, I should do some recording”. My cousin Jonathan David Ford and I holed up in his basement with a Vestax 300 four-track recorder, some mics, lots of fruit juice, my dad’s banjo, a clarinet, sax, snare, a weird keyboard, harmonicas, and a couple guitars, and recorded 7 songs. When will this be out? You know me, which means I don’t know. Jonathan is currently recording some more tracks on his lonesome, then he will send it my way. I will be uploading it digitally to my bandcamp page and making CDs which will be hand packaged.

While in Indiana, I played a sweet show in Bloomington, IN, at the Grant Street Musicians Co-op. Interesting little venue. I played with my buddy Mark Kramer, who is the frontman(and only person) in Tender Mercy. There was probably an easier way to say that. It was great making the drive, seeing Mark, and then we crashed with Ben and Jimmy from Dust From 1000 Years(They are really good friends of mine and I believe the first band I ever played with in Bloomington. Check them out. But only if you want to be happy). It was awesome seeing people come out and getting to meet a few new folks.

The next destination on my vacation, was my favorite place, Louisville, Kentucky. I will be here all of March. I played a show last Saturday at Dreamland. I had never played there, and the last time I was in town, it did not exist. The dudes that were running the show were great. I liked the space as well. Tender Mercy opened the show, and Ben Traughber‘s new band Dream Eye Color Wheel were in the middle, and we closed. It was a good turn out. Tender Mercy started the night off with his brand of somber, quiet, and thoughtful tunes, then D.E.C.W. turned it up a bit with this awesome combo of surfy, noisy, prettiness. Yes, thats a word. Then we played and I got to play with my good old buddies that used to be in the band before. I ended the night with my friend Jenn Sanders coming up and adding her awesome harmonies. Not only is Jenn’s voice great, but I love singing with her because she comes up with non-traditional harmonies that blow my mind.

Hopefully, I will be able to play at least one more time before I fly out on the 1st of April, back to Seattle. When I get back to Seattle, I should have some exciting news about the “new” record. You know, the one that we recorded two years ago that lots of you haven’t heard. I want it to be done. It should be tickling your eardrums. Seriously.

So, I am sure that I have forgotten something, but I just wrote a ton of words, and it’s 5 am. For anyone that came out to that show the other night, and sang along, and for anybody that read this, thanks a bunch. It means a lot to me.

A Shot At Writing a Blog About My Music


Hey everybody. I’ve been wanting to connect more with folks that listen to my music, and this looks like a good place to start. I will be updating this whenever we have a show coming up, or to let you know any important news about recordings and what not. Though I may get busy and not do this as much as I plan to (new ideas are always exciting at first, before you run into your day to day schedule), I will try to keep on top of it and update as much as possible. Thanks for reading.